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This is me every day at the university U_U

i’m like 90% sure this was the movie i saw
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Jeohvah Witnesses make a visit
  • Lady: Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus?
  • Me: (¬.¬) Yeah sure...
  • *A versicle of the Bible later*:
  • Lady: And that's why it is so important to pray regulary, oh dear young man, you irradiate so much peace, do you belong to our religion?
  • Me: Nope (°u°)
  • Lady: Do you go to church regullary?
  • Me: I'm a spiritual person in my very own way
  • Lady: Ok, maybe you should consider joining us in one of our ceremonies *hands on paper* See you around.
  • Me: Ok bye! -(= ¬ =)/...*turn around* Okay it's time to go back to Tumblr and my homosexualties!